zinc die casting coating

zinc die casting coating

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zinc die casting coating

Jul 23, 2020 · For over thirty years, ABCO Diecasters, Inc. has served numerous industries throughout North America by supplying quality zinc die castings and powder coated components. Our continued expansion into our 100,000 square foot complex has enabled us to better serve our customer's needs and to remain fully capable of handling growth into the new millennium. Find the Right Coating for Every Zinc Die Casting
  • Choice of Several Coating Processes For Zinc Die Cast PartsAlternative Methods For Chrome PlatingFunctional Galvanizing Improves The Optical AppearanceChromium (III) Passivation Provides A Good Basis For PaintingMulti-Metal Pre-Treatment Enables A Process Bath For Different MaterialsSeveral Processes For Surface FinishingLiteratureStructural parts made of die cast zinc are used in a wide variety of applications and in many areas of everyday life, e.g. in the automotive, mechanical and apparatus engineering, electrical engineering, electronics and construction industries (Fig. 1). This variety of possible applications also requires a wide range of processing methods of the material - depending on the area of application. Different kinds of surface treatment alter the corrosion protection, optical appearance or tribological properties of the partPlating Zinc Die Cast Parts - DECO Die-Cast FinishingZinc die cast alloys provide an excellent base for a clean, attractive durable finish in the powder coating process. Likewise, due to the physical attributes of the material, zinc alloys are also a good substrate for various types of plating. And when zinc, known as the “corrosion-protection workhorse”, is added on top of zinc, it provides greater protection against deterioration. The Advantages and Limitations of Zinc CoatingWhen zinc coating is electroplated onto iron-containing ferrous metals’ surface, it creates a corrosion-resistant barrier, while giving a number of other advantages. Zinc has the ability to develop corrosion byproducts, which can considerably reduce ferrous metals’ corrosion rate. Zinc patina serves as a protective barrier on the surface of the ferrous metals. Zinc Die Casting Zinc Alloys for Die Casting Dynacast

Turning and Milling [5 Sets]

Technical Data Wuzhong Double Column Wuzhong Double Column Schess
Height 5000mm 6000mm 6500mm 3000mm
Load Bearing 160t 400t 600t 50t
Table Diameter Φ7200mm Φ10000mm Φ10000mm Φ3500mm
Max. machining Diameter Φ8000mm Φ12500mm Φ22000mm Φ4000mm
Simultaneous 3-Axis Simultaneous Motion 3-Axis Simultaneous Motion 3-Axis Simultaneous Motion 5-Axis Simultaneous Motion

Multi-Drilling Machine [32Sets]

Multi-Drilling Machine
Technical Parameters INNSE Italy Shenyang Machine Tool GDC60130MD, GDC3070MD DAE-YANG South Korea
X-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis 8000 4500 1000mm 13000 6000 500mm 7000 3000 500mm 6000 6000 800mm
Boring Diameter ≤Φ120mm ≤Φ100mm ≤Φ100mm Φ2 -Φ 100mm
Processing Depth ≤420mm ≤300mm ≤200mm ≤400mm

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Vertical Lathe [10 Sets]

Vertical Lathe
Technical Data Wuzhong Wuzhong Qizhong Qizhong Qizhong
Table Diameter Φl600mm Φ3150mm Φ3600mm Φ4000mm Φ4000mm
Max. Machining Diameter Φ2000mm Φ3500mm Φ4000mm Φ5000mm Φ5000mm
Height 1600mm 2500mm 2000mm 2500mm 4000mm
Load Bearing 5t 40t 32t 50t 50t

Floor-type Milling-boring Machine [11 Sets]

Floor-type Milling-boring Machine
Technical Data Wuzhong Wuzhong Pama
X axis
Y axis
(Z+W) axis
(800+800) mm
Table Size 3000*3000mm 4000*4000mm 3600*4000mm
Load Bearing 60t 100t 65t
Boring Bar Dia Φ160mm Φ200mm Φ160mm

Technical Data Pama INNSE260 INNSE280
X axis
Y axis
(Z+W) axis
Table Size 4000*4000mm 3500mm*5000mm 5000mm*9000mm
Load Bearing 100t 100t 250t
Boring Bar Dia Φ180mm Φ260mm Φ280mm

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Portal-type Processing Center [16 Sets]

Portal-type Processing Center
Technical Data Schess, German Okuma, Japan Wuzhong Double Column Youjia(FV4224E) Youjia(FV3215)
Height 7000mm 1850mm 3000/1750mm 5000/2000mm 1170mm 970mm
Width between Columns 8000mm 3050mm 4300mm 6000mm 2400mm 1600mm
Length 50000mm 5000mm 20000mm 28000mm 4200mm 3200mm
Table Size 8000*40000mm 2500*4800mm 3000*26000mm 5000*30000mm 2000*4000mm 1400*3000mm
Rotary table Diameter Φ6000mm —— ——
Simultaneous 7-5 Axis Simultaneous Motion 3-Axis Simultaneous Motion 3-Axis Simultaneous Motion 3-Axis Simultaneous Motion 3-Axis Simultaneous Motion 3-Axis Simultaneous Motion
Technical Data Mitsubishi I II III, Japan
Height 1950mm 1950mm 2550mm
Width between Columns 4250mm 4250mm 3800mm
Length 10200mm 8200mm 6200mm
Table Size 3500*10000mm 3500*8000mm 3000*6000mm
Rotary table Diameter
Simultaneous 3-Axis Simultaneous Motion 3-Axis Simultaneous Motion 3-Axis Simultaneous Motion

Deep-Hole Drilling Machine [11 Sets]

Deep-Hole Drilling Machine
Technical Parameters INNSE Italy DAE-YANG South Korea
X-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis 6000 4500 1100mm 4000 3000 1000mm
Boring Diameter ≤Φ60mm Φ16-Φ80mm
Processing Depth ≤1000mm ≤1000mm

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